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from deephyper.core.exceptions.nas import NASError

[docs]class WrongSequenceToSetOperations(NASError): """Raised when a sequence of actions is not of the same lenght as the number of variable nodes of the search_space.""" def __init__(self, sequence_given, sequence_valid): self.sequence_given = sequence_given self.sequence_valid = sequence_valid def __str__(self): return f"Wrong sequence given: '{self.sequence_given}' of length {len(self.sequence_given)} when a valid sequence should be of length {len(self.sequence_valid)}"
[docs]class StructureHasACycle(NASError): """Raised when a search_space is containing a cycle.""" def __init__(self, msg): self.msg = msg def __str__(self): return self.msg
[docs]class InputShapeOfWrongType(NASError): """Raised when an input shape of a search_space is of a wrong type.""" def __init__(self, input_shape): self.input_shape = input_shape def __str__(self): f"input_shape must be either a 'tuple' or a 'list(tuple)' but it is of type '{type(self.input_shape)}'!"
[docs]class NodeAlreadyAdded(NASError): """Raised when a node has already been added in a search_space.""" def __init__(self, node): self.node = node def __str__(self): return ( f"The node '{str(self.node)}' has already been added to the search_space." )
[docs]class WrongOutputShape(NASError): """Raised when the output shape of the model generated by a search_space doesn't match the expected shape. """ def __init__(self, tensor_shape, expected_shape): self.tensor_shape = tensor_shape self.expected_shape = expected_shape def __str__(self): return f"The output tensor of shape {self.tensor_shape} doesn't match the expected shape {self.expected_shape}!"