Source code for deephyper.core.parser

import argparse
import inspect
from inspect import signature

[docs]def add_arguments_from_signature(parser, obj, prefix="", exclude=[]): """Add arguments to parser base on obj default keyword parameters. :meta private: Args: parser (ArgumentParser)): the argument parser to which we want to add arguments. obj (type): the class from which we want to extract default parameters for the constructor. """ sig = signature(obj) prefix = f"{prefix}-" if len(prefix) > 0 else "" added_arguments = [] for p_name, p in sig.parameters.items(): if not (p_name in exclude): if p.kind == inspect._POSITIONAL_OR_KEYWORD: arg_format = f"--{prefix}{p_name.replace('_', '-')}" arg_kwargs = {"help": ""} # check type int if not (p.annotation is inspect._empty): arg_kwargs["type"] = p.annotation arg_kwargs["help"] += f"Type[{p.annotation.__name__}]. " # check default value if p.default is not inspect._empty: arg_kwargs["default"] = p.default arg_kwargs["help"] += f"Defaults to '{str(p.default)}'. " else: arg_kwargs["required"] = True parser.add_argument( arg_format, **arg_kwargs, ) added_arguments.append(p_name) return added_arguments
[docs]def str2bool(v): """ :meta private: """ if isinstance(v, bool): return v if v.lower() in ("yes", "true", "t", "y", "1"): return True elif v.lower() in ("no", "false", "f", "n", "0"): return False else: raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError("Boolean value expected.")