Source code for deephyper.keras.callbacks.time_stopping

"""Callback that stops training when a specified amount of time has passed.

import datetime
import time

import tensorflow as tf

[docs]class TimeStopping(tf.keras.callbacks.Callback): """Stop training when a specified amount of time has passed. Args: seconds: maximum amount of time before stopping. Defaults to 86400 (1 day). verbose: verbosity mode. Defaults to 0. """ def __init__(self, seconds: int = 86400, verbose: int = 0): super().__init__() self.seconds = seconds self.verbose = verbose self.stopped_epoch = None def on_train_begin(self, logs=None): self.stopping_time = time.time() + self.seconds def on_epoch_end(self, epoch, logs={}): if time.time() >= self.stopping_time: self.model.stop_training = True self.stopped_epoch = epoch def on_train_end(self, logs=None): if self.stopped_epoch is not None and self.verbose > 0: formatted_time = datetime.timedelta(seconds=self.seconds) msg = "Timed stopping at epoch {} after training for {}".format( self.stopped_epoch + 1, formatted_time ) print(msg) def get_config(self): config = {"seconds": self.seconds, "verbose": self.verbose} base_config = super().get_config() return {**base_config, **config}