Source code for deephyper.keras.callbacks.utils

from typing import Type

import deephyper
import deephyper.core.exceptions
import tensorflow as tf

[docs]def import_callback(cb_name: str) -> Type[tf.keras.callbacks.Callback]: """Import a callback class from its name. Args: cb_name (str): class name of the callback to import fron ``tensorflow.keras.callbacks`` or ``deephyper.keras.callbacks``. Raises: DeephyperRuntimeError: raised if the class name of the callback is not registered in corresponding packages. Returns: tensorflow.keras.callbacks.Callback: the class corresponding to the given class name. """ if cb_name in dir(tf.keras.callbacks): return getattr(tf.keras.callbacks, cb_name) elif cb_name in dir(deephyper.keras.callbacks): return getattr(deephyper.keras.callbacks, cb_name) else: raise deephyper.core.exceptions.DeephyperRuntimeError( f"Callback '{cb_name}' is not registered in tensorflow.keras and deephyper.keras.callbacks." )