Source code for deephyper.nas.losses

"""This module provides different loss functions. A loss can be defined by a keyword (str) or a callable following the ``tensorflow.keras`` interface. If it is a keyword it has to be available in ``tensorflow.keras`` or in ``deephyper.losses``. The loss functions availble in ``deephyper.losses`` are:
* Negative Log Likelihood (compatible with Tensorflow Probability): ``tfp_negloglik`` or ``tfp_nll``
from collections import OrderedDict

import tensorflow as tf
from deephyper.core.utils import load_attr

[docs]def tfp_negloglik(y, rv_y): """Negative log likelihood for Tensorflow probability.""" return -rv_y.log_prob(y)
losses_func = OrderedDict() losses_func["tfp_negloglik"] = losses_func["tfp_nll"] = tfp_negloglik losses_obj = OrderedDict()
[docs]def selectLoss(name: str): """Return the loss defined by name. Args: name (str): a string referenced in DeepHyper, one referenced in keras or an attribute name to import. Returns: str or callable: a string suppossing it is referenced in the keras framework or a callable taking (y_true, y_pred) as inputs and returning a tensor. """ if callable(name): return name if losses_func.get(name) is None and losses_obj.get(name) is None: try: loaded_obj = load_attr(name) return loaded_obj except Exception: return tf.keras.losses.get( name ) # supposing it is referenced in keras losses else: if name in losses_func: return losses_func[name] else: return losses_obj[name]()