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from import NeuralArchitectureSearch

[docs]class Random(NeuralArchitectureSearch): """Random neural architecture search. This search algorithm is compatible with a ``NaProblem`` defining fixed or variable hyperparameters. Args: problem (NaProblem): Neural architecture search problem describing the search space to explore. evaluator (Evaluator): An ``Evaluator`` instance responsible of distributing the tasks. random_state (int or RandomState, optional): Random seed. Defaults to None. log_dir (str, optional): Log directory where search's results are saved. Defaults to ".". verbose (int, optional): Indicate the verbosity level of the search. Defaults to 0. """ def __init__( self, problem, evaluator, random_state: int = None, log_dir: str = ".", verbose: int = 0, **kwargs ): super().__init__(problem, evaluator, random_state, log_dir, verbose) # NAS search space self._space_list = self._problem.build_search_space().choices() def _saved_keys(self, job): res = {"arch_seq": str(job.config["arch_seq"])} hp_names = self._problem._hp_space._space.get_hyperparameter_names() for hp_name in hp_names: if hp_name == "loss": res["loss"] = job.config["loss"] else: res[hp_name] = job.config["hyperparameters"][hp_name] return res def _search(self, max_evals, timeout): num_evals_done = 0 # Filling available nodes at start batch = self._gen_random_batch(size=self._evaluator.num_workers) self._evaluator.submit(batch) # Main loop while max_evals < 0 or num_evals_done < max_evals: results = self._evaluator.gather("BATCH", 1) num_received = num_evals_done num_evals_done += len(results) num_received = num_evals_done - num_received # Filling available nodes if num_received > 0: self._evaluator.dump_evals( saved_keys=self._saved_keys, log_dir=self._log_dir ) if num_evals_done < max_evals: self._evaluator.submit(self._gen_random_batch(size=num_received)) def _gen_random_batch(self, size: int) -> list: batch = [] hp_values_samples = self._problem._hp_space._space.sample_configuration(size) if size == 1: hp_values_samples = [hp_values_samples] for i in range(size): arch_seq = self._gen_random_arch() hp_values = list(dict(hp_values_samples[i]).values()) config = self._problem.gen_config(arch_seq, hp_values) config = self._add_default_keys(config) batch.append(config) return batch def _gen_random_arch(self) -> list: return [self._random_state.choice(b + 1) for (_, b) in self._space_list]