DeepHyper Authors#

The DeepHyper project is lead by Prasanna Balaprakash <> and co-lead by Romain Egele <>.

This project was initiated by Prasanna Balaprakash at Argonne National Laboratory.

Other co-maintainers:

Other contributors, listed alphabetically, are:

  • Bethany Lusch - Automated deep ensembles with uncertainty quantification, Documentation

  • Dipendra Kumar Jha - Basis of neural architecture search

  • Elise Jennings - Hyperparameter search with time reduction

  • Felix Perez - Refactoring of Evaluator API with AsyncIO, Documentation

  • Hongyuan Liu - Light fix

  • Matthieu Dorier - Auto-tuning of HEPnOS software run-time

  • Misha Salim - Basis of hyperparameter search and parallel execution of jobs with Balsam

  • Romit Maulik - Neural architecture search with stacked LSTM for sea-surface temperature prediction, Automated Deep ensembles with uncertainty quantification, Documentation

  • Shengli Jiang - Neural architecture search with graph neural network for molecular data, Documentation

  • Sun Haozhe - Light fix

  • Zachariah Carmichael - Light fix

  • Denis Boyda

Thank you so much to all the contributors for their help!

If we forgot you on the list, please contact us at <> or <>.