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from import Iterable
from functools import reduce

import networkx as nx
import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow import keras
from tensorflow.python.keras.utils.vis_utils import model_to_dot

from import (InputShapeOfWrongType,

from . import KSearchSpace
from .node import ConstantNode, Node, VariableNode
from .op.basic import Tensor
from .op.merge import Concatenate
from .op.op1d import Identity

[docs]class AutoKSearchSpace(KSearchSpace): """An AutoKSearchSpace represents a search space of neural networks. Args: input_shape (list(tuple(int))): list of shapes of all inputs. output_shape (tuple(int)): shape of output. regression (bool): if ``True`` the output will be a simple ``tf.keras.layers.Dense(output_shape[0])`` layer as the output layer. if ``False`` the output will be ``tf.keras.layers.Dense(output_shape[0], activation='softmax')``. Raises: InputShapeOfWrongType: [description] """ def __init__(self, input_shape, output_shape, regression: bool, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(input_shape, output_shape) self.regression = regression
[docs] def set_output_node(self, graph, output_nodes): """Set the output node of the search_space. Args: graph (nx.DiGraph): graph of the search_space. output_nodes (Node): nodes of the current search_space without successors. Returns: Node: output node of the search_space. """ if len(output_nodes) == 1: node = output_nodes[0] else: node = ConstantNode(name='OUTPUT_MERGE') op = Concatenate(self, output_nodes) node.set_op(op=op) return node
[docs] def create_model(self): """Create the tensors corresponding to the search_space. Returns: The output tensor. """ if self.regression: activation = None else: activation = 'softmax' output_tensor = self.create_tensor_aux(self.graph, self.output_node) if len(output_tensor.get_shape()) > 2: output_tensor = keras.layers.Flatten()(output_tensor) output_tensor = keras.layers.Dense( self.output_shape[0], activation=activation, kernel_initializer=tf.keras.initializers.glorot_uniform(seed=self.seed))(output_tensor) input_tensors = [inode._tensor for inode in self.input_nodes] self._model = keras.Model(inputs=input_tensors, outputs=output_tensor) return keras.Model(inputs=input_tensors, outputs=output_tensor)