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import os
import json
from random import random, seed

from import util
from import NeuralArchitectureSearch
from deephyper.core.logs.logging import JsonMessage as jm
from deephyper.evaluator.evaluate import Encoder

dhlogger = util.conf_logger("")

[docs]class Random(NeuralArchitectureSearch): """Search class to run a full random neural architecture search. The search is filling every available nodes as soon as they are detected. The master job is using only 1 MPI rank. Args: problem (str): Module path to the Problem instance you want to use for the search (e.g. deephyper.benchmark.nas.linearReg.Problem). run (str): Module path to the run function you want to use for the search (e.g. evaluator (str): value in ['balsam', 'subprocess', 'processPool', 'threadPool']. """ def __init__(self, problem, run, evaluator, **kwargs): super().__init__(problem=problem, run=run, evaluator=evaluator, **kwargs) seed(self.problem.seed) self.free_workers = self.evaluator.num_workers jm( type="start_infos", alg="random", nworkers=self.evaluator.num_workers, encoded_space=json.dumps(, cls=Encoder), ) ) @staticmethod def _extend_parser(parser): NeuralArchitectureSearch._extend_parser(parser) return parser
[docs] def main(self): # Setup space = cs_kwargs = space["create_search_space"].get("kwargs") if cs_kwargs is None: search_space = space["create_search_space"]["func"]() else: search_space = space["create_search_space"]["func"](**cs_kwargs) len_arch = search_space.num_nodes def gen_arch(): return [random() for _ in range(len_arch)] num_evals_done = 0 available_workers = self.free_workers def gen_batch(size): batch = [] for _ in range(size): cfg = space.copy() cfg["arch_seq"] = gen_arch() batch.append(cfg) return batch # Filling available nodes at start self.evaluator.add_eval_batch(gen_batch(size=available_workers)) # Main loop while num_evals_done < self.max_evals: results = self.evaluator.get_finished_evals() num_received = num_evals_done for _ in results: num_evals_done += 1 num_received = num_evals_done - num_received # Filling available nodes if num_received > 0: self.evaluator.dump_evals(saved_key="arch_seq") self.evaluator.add_eval_batch(gen_batch(size=num_received))
if __name__ == "__main__": args = Random.parse_args() search = Random(**vars(args)) search.main()