Cooley is a GPU cluster at Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF). It has a total of 126 compute nodes; each node has 12 CPU cores and one NVIDIA Tesla K80 dual-GPU card.

  1. Install Postgresql

  • Download the software:

  • Open the downloaded archive:

    tar -xvf postgresql-9.6.13-4-linux-x64-binaries.tar.gz
  • Add the bin path to your bashrc:

    echo "export PATH=$PWD/pgsql/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc; source ~/.bashrc
  • Check the installation is working properly:

    pg_ctl --version
  1. Get anaconda from SoftEnv:

    soft add +anaconda3-4.0.0
  2. Get cuda from SoftEnv:

    soft add +cuda-10.0


Now you may add the following to your ~/.soft:

# ~/.soft
  1. Install deephyper

  • Create a new conda environment:

    conda create -n dh-env python=3.6
  • Activate your freshly created conda environment:

    source activate dh-env
  • Install deephyper from pypi:

    pip install deephyper


The same .bashrc is used both on Theta and Cooley. Hence adding a module load instruction to the .bashrc will not work on Cooley. In order to solve this issue you can add a specific statement to your .bashrc file and create separate bashrc files for Theta and Cooley and use them as follows.

# Theta Specific
if [[ $HOSTNAME = *"theta"* ]];
    source ~/.bashrc_theta
# Cooley Specific
    source ~/.bashrc_cooley