deephyper.skopt.moo.hypervolume(pointset, ref)[source]#

Compute the absolute hypervolume of a pointset according to the reference point ref. I.e., the total hypervolume between the pointset and ref.

Warning: This function works for minimization problems, not maximization problems. You may need to use the negatives of the objective values returned by DeepHyper.

Note: This function uses 3rd party code by Simon Wessing (TU Dortmund), and distributed under a GPL v3+ license.

  • pointset (array or list) – Array or list of size (n_points, n_objectives)

  • ref (array or list) – Array or list of size (n_objectives) specifying an objective value to use as the reference point. Every point in pointset must be greater than the reference point, or the computation will quietly fail and produce garbage values. Note that when comparing convergence between multiple algorithms, the same reference point must be used for all comparisons. Such a reference point may be nontrivial to obtain in practice.


The total hypervolume that is contained between the points in pointset and the reference point.

Return type: